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Shahrestanak village, Chalous road

Shahrestanak village, Chalous road

Shahrestanak village in Chalous road with a very pleasant climate is one of the most famous villages in Alborz province. Shahrestanak has been very popular for the tourists in different seasons because of its unique nature.

This village, with its beautiful garden alleys, is one of the most pleasant attractions of Alborz province. There are also old trees in this village, some of which are more than a hundred years old. Experts consider the famous juniper tree in Shahrestanak to be one of the oldest trees in Iran and its age is estimated between 2700 and 2850 years. The diameter of the trunk of this tree is 8 meters and its height is 75 meters. Shahrestanak village of Chalous road becomes very attractive and spectacular in spring with its colorful flowers and freshy air. In summer, the cherry and sour cherry fruits of Shahrestanak gardens dazzle the eyes of tourists. The river that flows in the heart of this village has turned it into one of the cool promenades in summer. However, the beauty of this village is indescribable in autumn. In autumn, the colorful nature gives a spectacular effect to the village of Shahrestanak in Chalous Road. One of the historical tourist attractions of Shahrestanak village is Naseri Palace. This palace was one of the residences of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar in summer, which was built by an architect named Agha Mohammad Ibrahim Khan Memarbashi. Unfortunately, many parts of the building have now been destroyed and almost only ruins remain. There are stone inscriptions near Nasseri palace that dates back to the time of Nasser al-Din Shah. In addition to this palace, there are very few remains of a historical castle called Dokhtar Castle or Dezband Castle in the heights of Shahrestanak village on Chalous Road in Alborz Province.

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