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Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque

One of the historical and magnificent mosques of Iran is Kaboud (blue) Mosque, Kaboud Mosque (Goy Machid in Azerbaijani) or Jahanshah Mosque is one of the historical mosques of Tabriz related to the time of Qaraquyunlu rule in the ninth century AH.

This mosque exhibits post-Islamic Iranian architecture well and is one of the few blue mosques in the world. What makes it known as the Blue Mosque is the presence of azure tiles that have created a special beauty for the mosque and has led to the mosque being called "the turquoise of the Islamic world." Another reason for the fame of this mosque is its mosaic style of tiles and detailed patterns and drawings that have been used in its interior and exterior design and have created a miraculous building. This mosque is one of the most spectacular attractions of Tabriz and many tourists visit it when they travel to this city. The founder of the Blue Mosque , "Abu al-Muzaffar Jahanshah Ibn Qara Yusuf", was one of the rulers of Qara Quinlu. If you look at the inscription above your head when entering the mosque, you will see information about this mosque. According to this inscription, the mosque was built in 1465, but it seems that the date is related to the time when the tiles were finished. The construction of the mosque has started several years earlier.

Construction of Kaboud Mosque with Azeri architecture

The Blue Mosque of Tabriz is built in the style of Azeri architecture. This building has two main and southern domes. These domes are each located on two large and smaller courtyards. In addition to these two large domes, there are seven small domes on the roof of the nave as well as the entrance corridors. The main courtyard of the mosque is located under its dome. The crypt of the mosque is located in the south of the small courtyard of the mosque, which probably contains two tombs belonging to Jahanshah and his daughter. Kaboud Mosque is only a part of a complex called "Mozaffariyeh" which in ancient times included other structures such as school, mosque, monastery, library and several other parts. However it is the only mosque left from the huge Mozaffariyeh complex today. Although Blue Mosque of Tabriz was severely damaged in the earthquake of 1779, the details and delicate decorations of gilding can still be seen on its roof.

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