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Rais Ali Delvari House and Museum

Rais Ali Delvari House and Museum

Rais Ali Delvari house is located in the southeastern part of Delvar city in Tangestan city section in Bushehr province. Rais Ali Delvari was one of the leaders and fighters of the south who fought for 7 years with the aim of protecting the cities of Bushehr, Tangestan, Dashtestan, etc., and finally sacrificed his life for the people of his homeland.

Rais Ali Delvari house has an area of about four thousand meters and was built at the end of the Qajar period in 1907. This house was registered in 1997 by the Cultural Heritage Organization with the number 1943 in the list of national monuments of Iran. The walls of Rais Ali Delvari's house, like most houses in Bushehr province, are painted in white. The doors and windows of the house are wooden and dark brown in color, which have created a beautiful contrast with the white walls. The house is decorated with the beautiful art of plastering. Meanwhile, the use of colored glass in the construction of the house, has reduced some of the simplicity of the building and has given it a spectacular view. On the other hand, beautiful palm trees in the backyard gardens have created a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere in the building. Relatives of Sardar Rais Ali Delvari donated the house to the Cultural Heritage Organization, and the house has now been turned into a museum. The house has 23 rooms, some of which are used to protect historical objects and documents. This museum is also the anthropological museum of Bushehr. In Rais Ali Delvari Museum, statues of Rais Ali Delvari, statues of Tangestani heroes, war tools and cannons are kept. Among the documents in the museum are a will, an oath and a collection of old stamps. Rais Ali Delvari Museum is one of the famous tourism attractions of Bushehr province.

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