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Cheshme Ali in Shahr-e Rey

Cheshme Ali in Shahr-e Rey

Cheshme Ali in Shahr-e Rey and its historical hills are one of the attractions of Tehran province that is called Cheshmali in the local dialect. This spring that has one of the best water in Iran emerges from a large rock and flows south and then southeast.

Shahr Rey Cheshmeh Ali , like many other springs, has created one of the earliest periods of human habitation. Cheshmeh Ali, which is located next to the temple of Anahita or the tomb of Bibi Shahrbanu today, was originally known as Cheshmeh Surin or Sorena and after the advent of Islam, it became known as the first Shiite Imam. About the history of Cheshme Ali in Shahre Rey, it is mentioned that in past local people and carpet sellers washed their carpets in this spring. They believed that the water of this spring has a property that makes the carpet brighter and cleaner. The old wall of the city called Baruye Rey, which is located above the spring, and the painting and inscription of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, which is engraved on its wall, are among the historical attractions of this region. This issue has turned this spring into one of the historical and ancient places of Tehran. On the right side of this relief, the king is standing with an eagle on the king's right hand and holds a sword on his belt. In the middle of this painting, the king is sitting on the throne with a beautiful crown and a mace in his hand and the courtiers are standing around him. Stair alleys behind the rocky mountains of the region are other attractions of this complex. By participating in Persian trips tours, you can visit Shahr-e Rey Cheshmeh Ali  and other tourism places in Tehran province.

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